Why Hiring Doesn't Have To Be Difficult Or Expensive

with Randall Agee

Episode 005


When Randall didn't have the time to handle a computer programming project given to him at his job, he posted his project to an international job board to get some help. After receiving several applications for the job, it ended up being the first call he made to an applicant from Pakistan that changed the trajectory of his career. In 2009, Randall partnered with the same man who answered his phone call from across the world to start AllShore Virtual Staffing.

Our conversation with Randall covers the details offshoring: what is it, how it works, and why it's worth everyone's time. Hiring good people with the right skill set can seem impossible at times to business owners. Randall explains the processes he has put in place at AllShore to make hiring a pleasant surprise that exceeds all expectations when it comes to hiring.


We hope you enjoy this episode of the Push Thru Podcast!


Quick Cuts

Best advice or quote

"Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, 'What's in it for me?'" - Brian Tracy

Personal habit/trait that makes you more successful

"I genuinely want people to be happy with something I’ve created. I want people to benefit from my ideas. This makes me successful because I want ensure they get a great experience while utilizing the AllShore model."

What does the future of websites and marketing look like?

"Inbound marketing is king. Generating content that helps others and solidifies you as the industry expert is where we are headed and have been for some time now. "

1 resource, app, or anything that makes you better

"YouTube! Seriously, everything is on YouTube!"

1 book that you consider to be your favorite

"E-myth by Michael Gerber."


Show Notes

As business owners, we all have trouble when it comes to hiring the right people. Whether it's finding the right attitude or skill set, the perfect match often seems impossible. Our conversation with Randall Agee of AllShore Virtual Staffing digs into offshoring and how our pool of applicants for a job doesn't have to be limited to those in our city. We hope you enjoy this episode of the Push Thru Podcast!



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